Understanding ICSE Mathematics Class- IX

Understanding ICSE Mathematics Class- IX

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A new feature 'Multiple Choice Questions' has been added in each chapter. These questions have been framed in a manner such that they holistically cover all the concepts included in the chapter and also, prepare students for the competitive exams. This is further followed by a 'Chapter Test' which serves as the brief revision of the entire chapter.
An attempt has been made to make the book user friendly-matter is well spaced out and divided into sections and sub-sections which have been differentiated by using headings of different sizes and colour, thus reducing the strain on the eyes of the students and giving the book a neat and uncluttered look. It has been my sincere endeavour to present the concepts, examples and questions in a coherent and interesting manner so that students develop interest in 'learning' and 'understanding' mathematics.

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    M.L. Aggarwal
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