Understanding ICSE Biology Class- IX

Understanding ICSE Biology Class- IX

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Inspite of availability of many books on the subject the response received by the earlier editions of "Understanding ICSE Biology" was very heartening. Nothing could be more satisfying for the author and the publiser to know that the joint efforts put in by them in bringing out the book have been appreciated both by the teachers and the students alike.
The author feels happy to present before the students, the fifth thoroughly revised and updated edition of "Understanding ICSE Biology" for the students of Class IX. The book is prepared stricly in conformity with the revised syllabus released by ICSE Board for the year 2021. Care has been taken to incorporate all the suggestions received from the class room teachers as well as from the students who used the earlier-editions. Efforts were also make to rationalise the contents which appreared to be heavy for the students in the earler editions. Wherever needed, additional information and interesting facts have been added to make the topics more meaningful and relevant to everyday life of the students.

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    Y.P. Purang
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