Textbook of Pathology for MBBS (Volumes I and II)

Textbook of Pathology for MBBS (Volumes I and II)

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Authors : Dr. A.K. Mandal, Dr. Shramana Choudhury


The book is written in a simple and lucid language which makes the book student-friendly. The topics in the book have been starred according to importance. All the pathogenesis are in flow diagrams. Synchronised microscopic and hand-drawn figures have been given for easy understanding and will prove useful in practical classes. Region-specific and country-specific incidences of diseases have been discussed. A list of important questions has been given at the end of each chapter. Handdrawn, synchronised diagram with detail labelling has been provided for important diagrams. Recent advances in the field of Pathology are given in the section titled “Advanced Reading Box” so that the students can keep themselves up-to-date with the recent developments.


ISBN number : 978-81-7739-529-7

Edition: 2nd

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    Dr. A.K. Mandal, Dr. Shramana Choudhury
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    Language : English

    Format : Paperback


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