Text and Practical Microbiology for MLT

Text and Practical Microbiology for MLT

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The Third edition of Text & Microbiology for MLT has been updated and includes practical information related to microbiology for day to day working of students in the laboratory. Each chapter has been carefully revised extensively. Beside these, a new chapter on Hand Hygiene has been added to understand the importance of hand washing in control of hospital infection. A new and innivative chapter 'Essential of Microbiology at Glance' has been included to revise various aspects of all important microorganisms in no time. Constructive suggestions from students and teachers were also taken into consideration while revising the book.
Like the previous editions, the readers will find this edition more informative and up-to-date.

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    Dr. C.P. Baveja, Dr. V. Baveja
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    Language : English

    Format : Paperback


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    Arya Publications
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