Practical Pathology , Microbiology and Pharmacology for Dental Students

Practical Pathology , Microbiology and Pharmacology for Dental Students

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This edition, Practical Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology for Dental Students has been updated to include all three subjects, i.e., Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology, which is a novel concept. This book has been revised with all the latest development in the field of these subjects.

In Pathology, section, four new chapters have been included, as per the revised curriculum of BDS. These chapters titled are Cardiovascular System, Lymph Nodes, Leukemias and Rissue Processing, Staining for Histopathology. Various new figures have been added and some have been deleted. Gross pictures of various organs have been added in many chapters.

In Microbiology section, chapters have been modified to make them student friendly. A new chapter 'Hand Hygiene' has been incorporated as it is the most important factor for control of hospital infections. New Biomedical waste. We hope these new incorportations and modifications will be of help for the reader to understand the subject properly.

The Pharmacology section has bee divided into 13 chapters where effort has been made to familiarize dental students with basic aspects, terminology used, drug and dosage formulations, equipments, apparatus used in pahmacy laboratory, some pharmacy preparations pertaining to mixture, powder, paste, liniment and liquid formulations. Apart from these, emphasis had been put on clinical aspect of Pharmacology including art of prescription writing with commonly encountered emergency demtal and medical prescriptions.

We hope that this complete practical book will be of great help to students in their practyicals and viva voce in the examination of all the three subjects.

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    Dr. Deep Inder, Dr. C.P. Baveja, Dr. K. Uma Chaturvedi, Dr. Tejindar Singh
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    Language : English

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