Perfect 20 Sample Papers Social Science Class X

Perfect 20 Sample Papers Social Science Class X

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PERFECT 20 Sample Papers in Social Science has been prepared according to the latest design of question paper, guidelines, syllabus and making schemr issued by the CBSE for 2020 examination.

This book contains ten solved and unsolved sample papers on the basis of new examination pattern. According to the revised pattern, each paper has been set for a maximum of 80 marks devided into 4 sections, of 20 marks, 24 marks, 30 marks and 6 marks respectively. All the papers have been designed keeping in mind the exact pattern of the latest Sample Question Paper issued by CBSE. Sufficient variety of possible questions have been framed in very short, short and long answer questions, and map based sections.

Students are advised to attempt the questions in the solved sample papers independently and then take ideas from the model solutions provided in the book. This will give them a chance to evaluate their understanding of the topics and then analysis the areas of improvement.

Ten unsolved sample papers are meant for practice. Students are advised to attempt these sample papers on their own by giving 3:15 hours time (i.e., 15 minutes for reading the paper and 3 hours for solving the paper) to each paper. Solving these papers in the exact examination style will enable the students to practice time management for the final board examination.

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