Manual of Practical Physiology for Homeopathy and Allied Sciences

Manual of Practical Physiology for Homeopathy and Allied Sciences

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Some of the salient features of this manual are:

  • It furnishes basic information about physiology experiments giving emphasis on every aspect evenly, along with new concepts and their exmaples.
  • All the experiments in the manual are classified as student exercises; working steps are so framed that any experiment can be handled by a beginner.
  • More number of practicals on human physiology and their application to clinical medicine have been stressed.
  • Well-labelled diagrams, pictures and graphs/recors depicting analysis and reasoning have been incorporated in this manual.
  • Some of the important viva voce questions with answers are given at the end of each practical for equipping the students with the type of questions asked in the examination.
  • New concepts have been introduced along with suitable examples.
  • Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE), a tool to assess practical skills, has been placed in a seprate box at the end of the practical.
  • Spotting: List of frequently asked spots in the examination has been placed at the end of the manual in a seprate appendix.
  • The matter on 'Human Experiments' has been furnished with its clinical correlates. This will be of great help to the students during their clinical posting subsequently.
  • The manual contains more than 300 diagrams and pictures. These will help the students in easy reproducibility and better understanding of the subject.
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    Dr. A.K. Jain

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