Introductory Microeconomics (Including Project Work) Class-XI

Introductory Microeconomics (Including Project Work) Class-XI


Some salient features of the book are:

  • The subject matter has been simplied and presented in a manner to help students develop conceptual understanding.
  • All concepts have been systematically explained through the use of diagrams, schedules and examples.
  • The analysis in each chapter has been prepared in a step by step manner.
  • A large number of solved as well as unsolved questions are given at the end of each chapter to help the students practise and evaluate their understanding.
  • Objective Type Questions - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and True or False with answers have been given after every chapter. In addition, questions involving High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have also been included.
  • A sample Project Work has been included for the reference of the students.
  • This book completely covers the NCERT and CBSE supplementary reading material.

We hope that the book would be really helpful to the suggestions.

  • Author

    Parag Gupta, B.L. Gupta
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    Language : English

    Format : Paperback


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    Arya Publications
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