Injuries Forensic and Medicolegal Aspects

Injuries Forensic and Medicolegal Aspects

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  • Written primarily with an expert professional as a reader in mind. Thus the book will be useful to postgraduates, faculties and other specialists in the field of forensic medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, emergency medicine, casualty, traumatology etc.
  • All major Medicolegal Proformas are provided, which can be adopted by Medicolegal professionals.
  • The entire text is well-classified in 6 level headings and subheadings. Each heading and subheading is color coded for quick comprehension.
  • A chapter preview at the beginning of each chapter to enable the reader to get a quick grasp of the content.
  • All major injuries dealt with, including the latest advanced in the field.
  • Practical points, tips etc. are given, which will help in dealing with day-to-day Medicolegal problems.
  • Contains several memory aids and mnemonics to make it easy to remember key facts.
  • Illustrated with more than 500 color photographs to explain key features of each injury.
  • Contains several explanatory line diagrams and flow charts, to explain key concepts, processes, pathologies.
  • Several new boxes added to give rare and hard-to-find pieces of information.
  • Each difficult concepts is clarified with actual case studies.
  • Latest Supreme Court judgments and other judgments from around the world realted to injuries are given.
  • Life histories of 8 most famous experts in injury interpretation, with their major cases and how they solved them. Should prove a major motivating factor for the youngster.
  • Supplemented with 9 useful appendices.
  • ICD-10 codes for all legally relevant diseases and injuries, and how to fill them up in causes of death certificates, according to latest WHO guidelines.
  • Mortality coding of latest morbid conditions e.g. COVID-19 given.
  • A very exhaustive index with more than 2000 entries, running into 18 pages.
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    Anil Aggrawal
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    Language : English

    Format : Paperback


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