ISC Commerce Class- XI

ISC Commerce Class- XI

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The salient features of the present edition are as follows:

  • The whole subject-matter has been presented in a simple language and student friendly style for the benefit of beginners in the discipline of management.
  • Adequate emphasis has been given to conceptual clarity, working of business processes and application of basic concepts to satisfy the three learning objectives, i.e, Knowledge, Understanding and Application.
  • Suitable diagrams, tables and boxes have been given to make the subject self-explantory.
  • Summary has been given at the end of each chapter for the quick recapitulation of the topics covered.
  • To facilitate self-examination by the students, Short-answer and Long answer questions have been given in a logical sequence at the end of each chapter.
  • Question Bank containing answers to typical questions has been given at the end of each chapter.
  • Three Sample Projects have been given in the Appendix for the reference of students and teachers.

We hope that this book would be able to create and maintain the student's interest in learning management concepts, techniques and practices. It will also generate curiosity among the students to grasp more information about management techniques from business papers, journals and other sources.

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    T.N. Chhabra, Ankur Chhabra
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    Language : English

    Format : Paperback


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