Business Studies (Including Project Work and Objective Type Questions) Class XII

Business Studies (Including Project Work and Objective Type Questions) Class XII

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This book has been envisioned, keeping in view my teaching experience of over two decades which continues to provide me with an opportunity to develop a firsthand understanding about the varied needs of the students.

  • The content and layout of each chapter seeks to foster both understanding and application skills of the students.
  • Sufficient flowcharts and diagrams have been provided in the chapters to facilitate visual learning and serve as a useful tool in learning and revising the key concepts.
  • A crossword has been provided for each chapter to help the students to gauge their level of understanding of the core concepts in an enjoyable manner.
  • An exhaustive question bank has been provided at the end of each chapter, containing NCERT questions, practice assignments, previous year's CBSE board papers and sample papers to provide complete resource material to the students at one place to enhance the competency of the students in the subject.
  • The sample projects have also been included in the book with an objective to support the students in their endeavour towards developing meaningful projects.

Iam hopeful that the book proves to be useful to both the students and the teachers.

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    Alka Dhawan
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